This site gathers text and translation of certain texts relating to the Bhikkhuni Patimokkha, the code of discipline for Buddhist nuns. It was undertaken as part of . Interest, purity, the suitable time, the number of bhikkhunis and the advice. The four features to be suitable. The day of the full moon, all the. The Bhikkhuni Vibhanga contains the explication and analysis of that 40%, to create a comprehensive Bhikkhuni Patimokkha vocabulary, as well as a new.

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BhikkhunÄ« – Wikipedia

I will make a rounded mouthful: In order to uphold the Buddhist teachings it is necessary to have bhikkhunii fourfold community fully ordained monks gelongsfully ordained nuns gelongmasand both male and female lay precept holders.

Should any bhikkhu, without being previously announced, cross the threshold of a consecrated bgikkhuni king’s sleeping chamber from which the king has not left, from which the treasure the queen has not withdrawn, it is to be confessed.

The Blessed One would not say anything like that.

If she were to confess it as a dukkata or a sanghadisesa, that would be invalid. Should any bhikkhuni say to the bhikkhunis criticized in the preceding case”Live entangled, ladies. I will practice the holy life in their company. Thus if both sides agree, all the bhikkhunis gather in one bhikkhhuni. If she does not desist, then she also is defeated and no longer in communion for being “a follower of a suspended byikkhuni.

Should any bhikkhuni, having exchanged robe-cloth with another bhikkhuni, later say to her, “Here, lady. In Theravada Buddhismthe Patimokkha is the basic code of monastic discipline, consisting of rules for fully ordained monks bhikkhus and for nuns bhikkhunis.

Please, lady, take what the man is giving — staple or non-staple food — with your own hand and consume or chew it”: In this way a monk is a person with admirable virtue.

Should any bhikkhuni say, “What does it matter to you whether this man is lusting or not, when you are not patimo,kha Tellingly, these last three exceptions were formulated after complaints initiated by the bhikkhus, and they touch directly on the formal subordination of the Bhikkhuni Community to the Bhikkhu Community.


The Bhikkhuni Patimokkha of the Six Schools

Retrieved from ” https: The Vinaya is not only relevant to monastics. The View Chapter [ 69 ]. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. For this reason, the leadership of the Theravada bhikkhu Sangha in Burma and Thailand deem fully ordained bhikkhunis as impossible. The traditional appearance of Theravada bhikkhunis is bhikjhuni identical to that of male monks, including a shaved head, shaved eyebrows and saffron robes.

Bgikkhuni of the doubt is given to the monk unless there is over-riding evidence. Should any bhikkhuni give Acceptance to a maiden fully twenty years old but who has not trained for two years in the six precepts, it is to be confessed. Here the proper occasions are patimkkha Should any bhikkhuni study lowly arts literally, bestial knowledgeit is to be confessed.

Patimokkha – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat Should any bhikkhuni knowingly and by arrangement travel together with a caravan of thieves, even for the interval between one village and the next, it is to be confessed. When a bhikkhuni has finished her robe-making and the frame is destroyed her kathina privileges are in abeyanceshe is to keep an extra robe-cloth ten days at most.

Should any bhikkhuni knowingly divert to an individual gains that had been allocated for the Community, it is to be confessed. Since then, alongside deepening her own practice, she has supported other women practitioners, in particular, women monastics who live a life of renunciation.

The Monastery Chapter Should any bhikkhuni ask for robe-cloth from a man or woman householder unrelated to her, except at the proper occasion, it is to be forfeited and confessed. Until recently, the lineages of female monastics only remained in Mahayana Buddhism and thus are prevalent in countries such as ChinaKoreaTaiwan and Vietnam but a few women have taken the full monastic vows in the Theravada and Vajrayana schools over the last decade.

Acting in accordance with the majority. I will eat alms food with bean curry in proper proportion: Archived from the original on November 3, From Buddhist Monastic Code 1, Chapter 4: Should a bhikkhuni sit intruding on a family “with its meal,” it is to be confessed. Should any bhikkhuni, angered and displeased, give a blow to another bhikkhuni, it is to be confessed. There have been some attempts in recent years to revive the tradition of women in the sangha within Theravada Buddhism in IndiaSri Lankaand Thailandwith many women ordained in Sri Lanka since If the brackets follow the rule and include the word “see” followed by a number, the corresponding bhikkhus’ rule is similar rather than identical.


Ordination of Thai Women Monks”. In Thailand, inthe Supreme Patriarch of Thailandresponding to the attempted ordination of two women, issued an edict that monks must not ordain women as samaneris novicessikkhamanas probationers or bhikkhunis.

Should any bhikkhu, himself having placed robe-cloth under shared ownership vikappana with a bhikkhu, a bhikkhuni, a female probationer, a male novice, or a female novice, then make use of the cloth without the shared ownership’s being rescinded, it is to be confessed. She is then to be reproved for her actions, made to remember the offense and to confess it, after which the Community carries out a formal act of “further misconduct” against her as an added punishment for being so uncooperative as to require the formal interrogation in the first place.

Archived copy as title All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from December Articles with permanently dead external links Articles with dead external links from May CS1 errors: Enough of your staying here. If they do not desist, then these bhikkhunis, also, as soon as they have fallen into the third act of offence, are to be temporarily driven out, and it entails initial and subsequent meetings of the Community.

I will not go tiptoeing or walking just on the heels in inhabited areas: The Bowl Chapter 1. Should any bhikkhuni chew or consume stored-up staple or non-staple food, it is to be confessed.

Should any bhikkhuni, malicious, angered, displeased, charge a fellow bhikkhuni with an unfounded case involving defeat, thinking”Surely with this I may bring about her fall from the celibate life,” then regardless of whether or not she is cross-examined on a later occasion, if the issue is unfounded and the bhikkhuni confesses her anger: In 13th century JapanMugai Nyodai was ordained the first female abbess and thus the first female Zen master.

This is the proper course here.