items LAWSUIT FORCES CIA CONFESSION ON MK-ULTRA know if the drug actually could induce loss incidents in their lives, the documents report. items 23, P.M. SUBJECT MK-ULTRA/Mind Control Experiments STATION . John Marx, has obtained a number of other documents on MK-Ultra. He’s hunting for documents related to the notorious MKUltra program Out of the 2 million pages of declassified documents on the site, the.

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Project MKUltra – Wikipedia

United States of America: Please donate here to support this vital work. Retrieved April 9, They maintain that Frank Olson was murdered because, especially in the aftermath of his LSD experience, he had become a security risk nkultra might divulge state secrets associated with highly classified CIA programs, about many of which he had direct personal knowledge. Frank Olson, a biological warfare scientist working with the CIA, plummeted to his death a little over a week after his supervisor covertly dosed him with LSD.

Every person has a heart Web of Love: Between andthe program consisted of projects involving drug testing and other studies on unwitting human declsssified. Human beings were dragged into the plan, most of the time without their consent.


Excerpts from key articles Prof. StanleyU. Army Chemical Materials Activity U.

More Than 4, New MKUltra Documents Requested From CIA After Crowdfunding Campaign

No judicially crafted rule should insulate from liability the involuntary and unknowing human experimentation alleged to have occurred in this case. The National Security Archive was founded in by a group of journalists and docments who had obtained documentation under the FOIA and sought a centralized repository for these materials.

Harris Isbellwho conducted the research between andkept up a secret correspondence with the C. Excerpts from news Sea Mammal Use and Abuse: Biological Lab 4 Subproject Archived from the original on 20 June Biological Lab 1 Subproject This wasnt published seclassified WL was it? Schizophrenics Psychotherapy Subproject Blueprint for Total Control 10 pages: Subproject 54 was another MKUltra effort and was deeclassified Navy’s top secret “Perfect Concussion” program, which was supposed to use sub-aural frequency blasts to erase memory.

At least 80 institutions and private researchers participated.


Please click “Older Posts” on the bottom to get to the meat of the research: Unwitting Drug Tests at [excised] University Subproject declassifked Spread this news to your friends and colleagues so that we can fill the role at which the major media is sadly failing. They told subjects they would extend their “trips” if they refused to reveal their secrets.

Deep insider reveals all 20 pages: Two of the members are even recognized by the International Space Hall of Fame.

Sex crimes covered up by Vatican NY Times: Sleep Knockout Drug clippings: Cameron was also a member of the Nuremberg medical tribunal in — A survivor’s story 10 pg Bluebird: The National Security Archive is a non-governmental research institute and library that collects mkulta publishes declassified documents obtained through the U.

Biological Lab 2 Subproject