An old friend of mine gave me his Radio and reviser to fix them for him(Futaba T6EXAP Radio and Futaba RF RECEIVER), they the issue. RC Radios, Transmitters, Receivers, Servos, gyros – Futaba RF Receiver range – Does anyone know the range of a Futaba RF Receiver. Channel: 6ch FM Receiving Range: m. Package Included % Brand New and Full Packing 1 x Futaba RF FM 40MHz 6ch RC Model Receiver RE

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Pete – what does full range mean? Futaba RF Receiver range. I still have lots of catalogs, manuals and tech date for the pre It refers uftaba the mixing that is done to the original crystal frequency to arrive at the operating frequency.

Nov 25, By the way, r136v range, I mean how far away it can pick up a signal, not what frequencies it ca use or anything If the Tx and Rx worked together previously then it is probably a 35 Mhz system.

Last edited by EloyM; Dec 03, at RC Radios, Transmitters, Receivers, Servos, gyros Discussion all about rc radios, transmitters, receivers, servos, etc. Good Luck – Paul. In your case, it is Europe, where most countries are allowed 35 MHz equipment.

Futaba R136f 36mhz 6-channel FM Receiver With Crystal

Futbaa Me Forgot Password? No binding procedure involved. FM transmitter[8D] You are always better off using the manufactures crystals, on this side of the pond we can’t swap Tx crystals under threat of the FCC tossing you in the pokey or fineing you big time.


The reference to DC transmitters is completely wrong – there is no such thing.

RF Futaba 6-Channel FM 40MHz

If you come up with some r1136f numbers and needed help decoding them, let me know. I feel that your range is more depended on your transmitter power output and then receiver sensitivity. The 05S is an “auto shift” design and will work with any PPM?

In many cases, some countries do not bother and flyers use the equipment most readily available. In the case of old nicad or nimh cells it is not unusual to find the negative lead to have bad corrosion. Then we would know how sensitive the receiver is that we buying. Would that work with a Futaba radio? You say the tx is working- how do you know?

Images View all Images in thread. Have you checked the battery voltages.

Find More Posts by pilotpete2. I would also check the following: Send a private message to masonman.

Futabaa examine the plugs and wiring for corrosion. It also dates it as being pre-DC. Transmitters may use crystals on the final operating frequency, but more often at half, or some sub-multiple frequency that is multiplied to arrive at the final frequency. It is called frequency multiplying, different from frequency conversion used in Rxs. Have a look here at their Futaba product page and scroll down to nearly the fytaba of the listing where crystals are shown.


Thanks EloyM, i was really hoping to see a reply yeh, i got in this hobby a few years a go, so i know nothing about this radio.

If so, it will probably not be tagged, but will have some r136r etched on the top or printed on the side that will tell its frequency. I whish that RC manufacturers would get a standard by which their receivers can be measured. How far is it? Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Futaba T6EXAP Radio/ Futaba RF RECEIVER – RC Groups

Mar 26, As far as the crystals goes you should not compromise, get the real thing! Dec 08, DC conversion technology is only applies to RXs.

As far as the tx crystal is concerned, YES it is definitely missing from the board. If both units are working properly, powered properly, and the correct crystals are installed in both, the receiver will react to the transmitter’s commands.

Limited range receivers such as those meant for micro indoor flying can have very little range, like less than M.